The latest job opportunity in the pet-sitting industry is chicken-sitting. That’s where people hire trained professionals to take care of their chickens while they’re on vacation! Believe it or not, chicken-sitting companies are popping up all over North America. They have names like “Just Us Hens,” “Sound Chicken Sitting” and “Easy Acres.” And what may surprise you is that many of these businesses are located in cities.

It’s the latest development in the so-called “urban farming” trend. As we’ve talked about before, many people are raising chickens in cities these days –because they say the eggs taste better, and because the eggs are free! Plus, chickens make loyal and loving pets. And just as you might hire someone to walk the dog or feed the cat while you’re gone, urban farmers need someone to take care of their chickens.

Why not just hire a regular pet-sitter? Anna Goeser runs Easy Acres Chicken Sitting in Los Angeles. She says chicken-sitting is more involved than you might think. For starters, sitters have to clean coops, collect eggs, and put out fresh food and water daily.

And if you’re raising free-range chickens, then sitters need to let them out to roam in the morning, and hustle them back inside their cages at night.

Goeser says a big reason you should consider hiring a trained chicken-sitter is because many people are afraid of chickens! 

In other words: There’s a growing demand for brave chicken-sitters these days. Want to go further? Check out