A lot of people aren’t drinking alcohol these days. Instead, they’re inhaling it through a controversial new device!

The new product is called the “Vaportini” and it recently hit the online market for $35 a pop. It’s a glass globe about the size of a bowling ball, with a built-in glass straw. You simply pour alcohol into the globe, light a candle under it and voila! Within minutes, the globe fills with alcohol vapors which you breathe in through the glass straw, giving you an instant and dangerous buzz.

And experts warn that’s what makes Vaportinis incredibly popular with teens. They love that it gets them drunk in minutes.

But experts say that’s what makes it incredibly dangerous.  Because when you drink alcohol, it’s absorbed by your stomach and small intestine. Also, the presence of food slows the process down so it takes longer to hit your system and make you drunk. But when you inhale alcohol, it moves straight into your bloodstream - and skips the digestive system completely. That means your body’s protective impulses when you drink too much – like vomiting – don’t kick in. And that puts you at a higher risk of alcohol poisoning.

Experts also warn that it’s hard to gauge how much alcohol you’ve consumed when you inhale it. And that can quickly turn deadly. Say, if you drive while drunk.

So, only consume alcohol if you’re over 21, and even then experts suggest drinking alcohol, never inhaling it! And stick to two glasses, max.