The police officers in one of California’s toughest cities are being asked to fight crime with a little less of a potty mouth.  Several police officers in Oakland, California, have been reprimanded for swearing on the job.

But some officers don’t like the new no-cursing rule. They say, they’re not dealing with librarians – they’re dealing with criminals, drug dealers and gang members. They don’t want to be perceived as a softie. 

But this is an overall trend these days.  Other workplaces also started cracking down on swearing. The investment firms Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup, have company-wide swearing bans in place.

But, eliminating swearing from the workplace will be harder today than ever before. Experts say foul language has invaded our every day vocabulary and it’s here to stay, because communication has become much more casual.

But even though cursing is more common, that doesn’t mean it belongs at work. A recent survey found that managers think excessive cursing is a more fire-able offense than drinking on the job.

So if you can’t stop with the cursing, check out the Cuss Control Academy. They offer classes to help you stop swearing. Go to