Here's a health alert: If you or someone you care about takes Adderall, don't buy it online. According to the Food and Drug Administration, a recent shortage of Adderall has tons of con artists peddling fake pills over the internet. And to make matters worse, laboratory analysis shows that the fake pills contain two potentially dangerous painkillers - acetaminophen, which can damage your liver, and tramadol, which can be addicting, and an overdose can be fatal. So, be on the lookout. The counterfeits are white, and don't have any markings. While authentic Adderall tablets are orange, peach-colored or blue. They also have a score line for breaking them in half. The packaging is another tip-off. Real Adderall is only available in a 100-count bottle. While the fake drugs are sold in blister packs. Unfortunately, Adderall and a number of other ADHD medications are probably going to remain on the FDA's drug shortage list for the foreseeable future. That's because there's a scarcity of the ingredients used to make them. Bottom line? Use caution when buying medications online. If you have doubts about Adderall or any other drug you've bought, go to and use their pill identifier to see if it's legit.