The hottest horse event in town doesn’t involve a single horse! It’s the “horseless horse show," where people ranging in age from toddlers, on up to grown adults, race around a course as though they were real horses, leaping over high jumps and past obstacles. 

You may have done this as a little kid – pretended to be a horse, jumping over hurdles. Well, now it’s a real event – and competitors are judged just like horses. The aim is to be the fastest one through the course. And points are deducted for everything from knocking over a jump rail to making a misstep. 

And so many people want to compete, that horseless horse shows are cropping up everywhere. In fact one event organizer, Just World, is now coordinating shows globally. And Olympic equestrian Daniel Bluman, who recently competed in the London games, grew up participating in horseless horse shows. He actually holds the horseless international high-jump record of more than 5 feet!

If you’re interested in becoming a horseless competitor, check out It lists upcoming races all over the world.