If you'd like to get closer to your partner, and have a happier relationship - it's time to put down the electronic gadgets and communicate more often in person, so you can really connect.

Dr. Susan Heitler, who wrote the marriage book "The Power of Two," says that couples who communicate via Facebook, emails, texts, and tweets are 14-percent less satisfied with their relationship than couples that use just one method of - like talking face-to-face, or on the phone.

  • That's because monitoring all those lines of communication is time-consuming. And it probably means you're both communicating with everyone in your life on several platforms. And every interruption to your "couples' time" diminishes the intensity of your connection.
  • Another reason communicating electronically can hurt your relationship: It makes misunderstandings more likely. Without the context of tone of voice or facial expression, a joke might be interpreted as a snippy comment. And it's too easy to hit "send" when you're angry - and put something in writing that you might really regret and which might lead to future arguments.
  • And finally: Virtual connections can't replace physical intimacy. The experts say that what keeps couples close is physical contact. That includes simple things like holding hands, whispering secrets, and maintaining eye contact. But when you receive a text, or read an email, all you get is information. You don't get smiles, hugs, laughter or touch, which means, neither of you are getting bursts of the bonding hormone oxytocin - the chemical which has been shown to increase affection.