Talking to the opposite sex can be like walking through a minefield. That’s because men and women are wired differently when it comes to communicating and processing information. So, let’s go over a few ground rules to help close the gender communication gap. This comes from psychologist Dr. Lillian Glass. First up, help for women:

  • When you’re talking to guys, you need to get right to the point. Women love to hear every juicy detail, but men are usually more interested in the outcome. So, tell the end of your story first. If a guy wants more details, he’ll ask. Also, when a man hears another man’s voice, it grabs the attention of his brain, but a woman’s voice activates the part of the male brain used for processing complex sounds, like music. So for men, the female voice is more complex and more difficult to understand. Women need to make their point as quickly and simply as possible to cut through that fog.

  • Now, guys, remember, it goes both ways. Women may be overly descriptive, but men tend to speak too un-emotionally. This makes you seem uninterested, so use more details and examples.

  • For both genders the sound of your voice can be as important as what you’re saying. Nervousness can cause a woman’s throat to tense up, causing her voice to get higher. But a man won’t think it’s nervousness, he’ll think she’s whiny, shriek-y, or judgmental. So, if you feel that happening, consciously try to lower the pitch.

  • Men interrupt more. Guys are used to butting in and hogging the floor to get attention. To a woman, this just seems rude. Guys are also guilty of giving commands instead of making requests – “Get me the ketchup.” So guys remember to make requests, not demands.