According to a new Cornell University study, 80% of online daters lie on their online profile! So, here we go with a list of the most common lies people tell in their dating profiles:

  • Dating profile photos. Cornell researchers say they’re the “single most deceptive” thing about online dating because anyone can find a photo that makes them look good. That’s why experts recommend looking for people who post at least three photos online – including a head shot, a full body shot, and one “action photo” of the person doing something. That’ll give you the most accurate view of what they really look like!

  • Physical characteristics, like height, weight, and age. In fact, lying about those is so common, that most experts recommend ignoring what people say and letting your eyes be your guide. For example, someone who describes themselves as “athletic and toned” should come across as a fitness freak in their profile. But if their hobbies include watching movies, and wine tasting – that’s a tip off that they may not be as fit as they say they are.

  • Income. In fact, researchers say income and occupation are the two things almost all men lie about. And as a rule of thumb, women should knock at least 20% off whatever they claim to make.

  • Lifestyle. In fact, 16% of men and women say they lie about their hobbies to make it seem like they live more exciting lives.