Ever since the first in-flight movie was shown in 1921, experts say airline passengers have come to expect in-flight entertainment. So, here’s a list of some of the latest entertainment options coming to airlines, starting next year:

  • First, look for more free in-flight Wi-Fi. JetBlue and Delta are among the airlines promising to offer super-fast Internet service, for checking email, or streaming movies. And as a bonus, Delta’s new Gogo Vision service will let us continue to stream content up to a day after we land! That way, if you don’t have time to finish watching a movie on the plane, for example, you can continue watching it later at home, or in your hotel.

  • Also, prepare to see “snazzier” seat-back screens on planes. In fact, there’s talk of upgrading most screens with technology for watching high definition movies and games, as well as 3-D and even holographic content!

  • Next, for those of us bringing electronic devices onto planes, look for more USB ports to help keep them charged. Many airlines already offer USB ports in terminals. But experts say they’ll be built-in to more airplane seats very soon.

  • Finally, a fitness company called Uplifted recently started distributing pamphlets and videos to some airlines, with instructions for a new sitting workout! The goal is to help us squeeze in some exercise moves taken from Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi - without ever leaving our seat!