Are you worried that something posted on your Facebook page could come back to haunt you – and maybe hurt your chances at a job, or a college scholarship? If you’ve ever wished you could track down all those “iffy” posts on your Timeline and make them go away, your wish has been granted! There’s a new free app called FaceWash. It’ll scour your Facebook page and generate a list of questionable posts that you might want to edit or delete.

Here’s how it works: You simply head to the Web page and click “Get Started.” Like any app or game, it’ll ask permission to access your Facebook account. Then, you just click “Start.” And it’ll run a search of your status updates and comments, as well as the photos you posted and are tagged in, the links and photos you liked, and any fan pages you follow.

The default search focuses on foul language, and anything that might sound risqué. And you can even add a custom list of words and names to search for.

Once it generates a list of potentially “iffy” posts – you can click through to the original posts or comments, and delete them as necessary. And voila! You’ll have a sanitized, employer-friendly Facebook page.