A growing number of kids are accidentally being poisoned - in their very own homes! A new report found there’s been a 30-percent spike in the number of children being treated at ERs after accidentally poisoning themselves with common medications. Everything from cough syrup to prescription pills. 

A big reason for the rise in accidental poisonings is that we’re taking more medication than ever. And a lot of parents leave potentially poisonous meds lying around the house in plain sight – because they think kids can’t open the safety caps. After all, even a lot of adults have trouble opening them! 

But the truth is that federal law only requires medicine to be child-resistant, not child-proof! 

In one recent study, researchers discovered that toddlers could open all sorts of potentially toxic medications and household cleaning products – in under a minute! Like ibuprofen, cough syrup, prescription antibiotics, and drain and floor cleaners. In fact, one of the 4-year-olds in the research group popped the safety cap on a bottle of ibuprofen within 3 SECONDS! And according to the watchdog group, Safe Kids, that’s the Number 1 drug kids get into. 

And every single kid tested could open at least one bottle within a couple of minutes. 

So, parents, when it comes to medication or any toxic household product – keep this phrase in mind, “up and away.” It’s the new catchphrase of the C-D-C and part of a campaign to encourage parents to keep all potentially dangerous household items stored and locked in a high closet that kids can’t reach.