Recently, we talked about "virtual call centers", where customer service agents work from home. So here are more work-at-home opportunities:

  • First, there's medical transcription. Basically, you take a doctor's recorded reports and turn them into electronic patient files. The demand is increasing, because computer files allow easier storage, and let doctors access medical history, diagnosis, and treatment records from anywhere. To transcribe from home, you'll need a PC and high-speed Internet access. But you also need training in medical terminology - which you can do online or at your local community college. After that, you can make about $40-thousand bucks a year. Some of the biggest medical transcription companies include Focus Infomatics, MedQuist, and Spheris. And we'll post some links for you.
  • Medical coding. You basically translate the names of diseases, ailments and treatments into numerical codes that insurance companies will accept. Without the proper codes, the doctor doesn't get paid. You have to be just as accurate as a medical transcriptionist, and know general medical terminology and pharmacology. But you've got codebooks and software to help you out. So, what can a well-trained medical coding specialist earn at home? About $35-thousand bucks a year.
  • What about envelope stuffing? Since it's the most popular work-from-home opportunity advertised on the Internet, ABC News bought "starter kits" from 10 different Web sites at $30 bucks a pop. The claims? You can earn $15-hundred dollars a week just stuffing envelopes. The reality? Every single offer is a scam - so don't fall for one! If you'd like more information about genuine medical coding or medical transcription work-at-home jobs, look under "Work From Home" on Google.