To get rich, you have to start thinking like you’re rich. That’s the gist of the book How Rich People Think, by self-made millionaire Steve Siebold. He says you can drastically change your life, and your fortune, just by changing the way you think about money. Here’s how:

  • Focus on earning money, not saving it. Siebold says saving’s important. But too many savers are motivated by fear, because they worry that disaster will strike at any moment. So, they pinch pennies, thinking it’ll help them survive tough times. But one thing rich people know is that disaster often brings new opportunities to earn money. So where the average person focuses on saving what they already have, millionaires focus on providing a service people need, that can earn more money.

  • Instead of worrying about problems, focus on solving them. Our expert says rich people get a bad rap for being “obsessed” with money. But the reality is that they’re obsessed with solving problems, and helping people, because they know that if they can find a new way to fix our problems, money will follow.

  • Have an action mentality, not a lottery mentality. Siebold says one reason why so many people buy lottery tickets is because, deep down, they think it’s their only chance to get rich. But when you think that way, you’re basically telling yourself you have no faith in your own talents and abilities! So instead, think about the skills and passions you already have, and look for new ways to put them into action. For example: Instead of thinking “What if I can’t get a job,” think “How can I become indispensable to somebody?”