Whether you’re a redhead, a leftie, tall or short have blue eyes or brown – all those differences can have an affect on you. Numerous studies have found that certain traits can influence how you think, your health, and even the number on your paycheck. 

  • For instance, if you have blue or green eyes, you’re a strategic thinker. A study by Louisville University found that people with light colored eyes are more methodical and analytical in their decision making. They like to plan, have a system or investigate all their options.

  • Brown eyed people have an advantage too. They have quicker reflexes. According to that same Louisville study, people with brown eyes were shown to excel in tasks involving speed and short reaction times.

  • So what about height? Does it make a difference? Yes! Research from Britain’s National Child Development Study found that petite women are typically more fertile and can conceive in a shorter amount of time. However, the opposite is true for men – taller men are more fertile.

  • How about this one for lefties. You’re more creative! While only about 10-percent of the population is left handed – a study found that about half of all art students are lefties. Other studies show more left handed people are in art and music than other professions. Scientists think this is because the brain hemispheres of left handed people are more closely connected. To prove the point, both Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci were lefties.

  • What about redheads? You’re more sensitive to pain!  As a result, you may need 20-percent more anesthesia to be completely knocked out before a medical procedure than either a blonde or a brunette would. You might need higher-than-usual amounts of other pain relievers as well. Why? Scientists think the hormone that determines hair pigment may indirectly stimulate a brain receptor that boosts pain sensitivity.