Does your indoor cat love lying by a window, in a warm pool of sunshine? You might want to put SPF-proof window film on the glass. The reason? Veterinarian Dr. John Mayfield says, just like people, cats can get skin cancer. Especially cats that have white fur or pink noses. And the areas that are most susceptible to skin cancer are the nose and the tips of their ears, where their skin is extra-thin.

Mast cell tumors are most common in cats - and they look like raised, pink or yellow, hairless lumps. Mast cell tumors can make cats itch - and they often swell up and then disappear, only to pop up again a few days later. The good news is that veterinarians can usually treat skin cancer in cats successfully - as long as it's identified in the early stages. But, everyone in your house could benefit from SPF window film - especially if you’ve got south or west-facing windows. Because, if you spend a lot of time by your windows, humans can get skin cancer through windows, too. UV-A rays pass right through glass. Those are the ones that cause skin cancer… and it’s why people who work indoors by windows are more susceptible to, and have a higher risk, of melanoma. Plus, window film can prevent up to 80% of the sun’s heat from coming through the glass - reducing the need for air conditioning, and lowering your electric bill by as much as 40%.