Guys, would you believe that making a catcall to a woman could soon land you in jail?

There’s a growing movement to make what experts call street sexual harassment illegal. Like catcalls, touching, and sexist remarks directed toward women in public – say walking on the street or riding the bus.

It’s a growing problem. A survey found that 90% of women experience street sexual harassment by the time they’re 19. And a lot of women who experience it feel threatened and intimidated - and have no clear course of action to report or punish offenders. And experts say that it should be a basic right to feel safe out in public. So, a number of victims groups are launching campaigns to raise awareness of street sexual harassment. Their thinking is that once the public recognizes harassment as a crime, lawmakers will make it illegal, officially.

For example, the website hosts public rallies and they recently teamed up with the Washington, D.C. transit department. They flooded D.C. subways with posters on sexual misconduct and a “how-to” guide to report offenders.