Whatever they've got, you're susceptible to, too. Everything from high cholesterol to depression.
According to Fitness magazine   women married to men with high cholesterol have a 44% increased chance of having it too. That's not all. British researchers found that you're 32% more likely to have high blood pressure if your partner does   and 69% more like to suffer from asthma   and twice as likely to suffer from depression if your partner has those ailments. But conditions like these aren't contagious, so how do you "catch" them from your spouse? Sharing the same environment is part of it. You're exposed to the same allergens and toxins.
But lifestyle is an even bigger factor. When you're part of a couple, you tend to copy each other's behaviors. So if your wife smokes, drinks, and gorges herself on hamburgers and ice cream   you probably do too.
Also, according to psychologist Cameron Anderson from New York University, the longer a couple's been together, the more alike they act and think. The good side? Good habits are contagious too.
In fact, you're more likely to have a positive impact on your spouse by altering your own behavior than by nagging or begging your spouse to change.