Maybe you were out shopping and couldn't find a restroom, or on the road and didn't see a gas station. Either way, if you've ever "held it" longer than you should have, you've probably wondered if your bladder could burst. Well, an article on explored that question and here are the facts.No, it's NOT possible for your bladder to burst just because you waited too long. What will probably happen in a case like that is that your body will just take over and release the urine with or without your approval! Of course, there ARE reasons that your bladder could explode. For example, if you've had major trauma, like a pelvic fracture, a complication from surgery, a tumor that weakens a part of the muscular bladder wall, or if you have bladder damage from radiation, your bladder could rupture.Just because you're generally healthy doesn't mean you should try and hold it for another 15 miles until the next rest-stop! There are health risks to holding it. Studies show that women who tended to delay urination had more frequent urinary tract infections. Researchers at Taiwan University in China found that the stress of having a full bladder increases the heart rate by an average of nine beats a minute and constricts the flow of blood by 19%. Either of those symptoms could be enough to trigger a heart attack!Bottom line: if you have to go, find a restroom. Try a website like They have a list of public restrooms in 120 countries. If you're planning a long trip, follow your mom's advice and go before you leave the house.