If you’ve ever thought, “This job is going to kill me!” you might be right. Here are three ways your job negatively affects your health: 

  • First: Too much O.T. is bad for your heart. A study found that working more than 10 hours a day increases your risk of having a heart attack by 60-percent. Why? The researchers think that working overtime makes us more likely to skip sleep, eat junk food, and take other shortcuts that hurt our health. 

  • Another reason your job can hurt your health: How you get to work. Dr. Erik Hansson is a professor of medicine at Lund University in Sweden. And he says that people who drive or take public transportation to work use more sick days than people who walk or ride a bike. Of course, the exercise can boost employee health, but the researchers also found that people who get to work on their own power tend to have shorter, less stressful commutes, and studies show that the shorter your commute, the better. 

  • And finally: If you’re a man, your job can kill you if you retire too early. Researchers found that giving up work before age 67 takes almost 2 years off a man’s life. That’s because most retired men don’t get enough exercise. But retired women do, which is why getting out of the rat race early can actually improve a woman’s health.