Want to be healthier and happier? Then choose your friends wisely! Because you’re likely to adopt the behavioral traits of the people you hang out with. Here are the facts: 

  • The first trait you can absorb from your friends: Happiness. According to a study in the British Medical Journal, good feelings can jump from person to person. Which means, if someone you don’t know cheers up your friend, your friend will then pass that happiness boost on to you. 

  • On the other side of the coin, you can pick up loneliness from your friends, too. People who feel detached and depressed often alienate their friends. And if you lose a friend because they pulled away, it could cause you to withdraw, too. 

  • Another negative trait you can “catch” from your friends: Obesity. Harvard researchers found that when a person gains weight, there’s a good chance their friends will gain weight too. Why? Because if the people around you are overweight, you begin to think that’s normal. People also tend to overeat if their friends are overeating. The fix: If a friend is packing on the pounds, do non-eating things with them.

  • One final trait you can get from your friends: Attractiveness. According to the Journal of Social Psychology, a woman will find a man more attractive if he’s with other women. And the same thing happens with men. So, if you’re going to a party, bring friends of the opposite sex, or your brother or sister. You’ll be more attractive to the opposite sex than if you’re standing alone.