What’s the latest trend in fashion? Moms dressing like their teenage daughters. And experts say the daughters are not happy about it… Because they’re trying to create their own sense of identity separate from their mothers.

Researchers at Temple University studied moms in their mid-40s, and their 16-year-old daughters. They wanted to see whether the girls copied their mother’s fashion sense, but they found the exact opposite. 
The mothers were copying the daughters. In fact, the moms often bought their clothes at their daughter’s favorite stores. The moms insist they aren’t trying to dress like their daughters. It’s just that they feel younger than their age, and they want to look good wearing the latest, hippest styles.

Experts also point out that most busy moms don’t have time to keep up with fashion trends. So they look to see what their daughters are wearing, and mimic their style. 

But psychologist Roni Cohen-Sandler specializes in mother-daughter relationships. And she warns that when moms copy their daughters, it creates a competitive relationship instead of a supportive one.

And it’s yet another indication of our youth-obsessed culture, where a lot of women aren’t comfortable with getting older. She says it’s okay for moms to look hip – but they should respect the boundaries between teens and adults. 

That means, aim for sophisticated and elegant and leave the “cute” stuff – like ruffles, sparkles and spaghetti straps - to the teens.