According to mathematician Clio Cresswell, the answer is "yes." We found what he had to say at

For example, how many people do you think you should date before you settle down? Dr. Cresswell says a dozen. His research proves that when it comes to picking a partner, people are most successful having already had 12 relationship experiences – no matter how brief.

But can you look too much? Absolutely. If you date and drop more than 30 people, you’ve probably been testing and rejecting too much. In fact, Dr. Cresswell says it means you probably already found "The One," and passed them over.

Here’s another date-related question: If you want to set the mood for romance - what’s the right plan for the evening? Movies, dinner, or a walk on a moonlit beach? The winner: the movies, but not just any old flick. If you want kisses after the credits roll, pick a romantic comedy. That’s the upshot of a recent study at the University of Michigan. They compared hormone levels in two groups of couples. One group watched the romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally, a_nd a second group watched the violent drama _The Godfather: Part II. The result? The couples watching the comedic chick-flick had a surge in the so-called hormones oxytocin. Which reduces anxiety, and triggers the urge to cuddle. The Godfather on the other hand, increased stress hormones. Not the way you want to end a date.