A man’s dating past says a lot about his character and personality – and whether he’s good relationship material. So, here’s some advice from Meagan McCrary and Julie Fishman, who wrote The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags:

  • The divorced guy. Being divorced is no longer a deal-breaker. But before things get serious, ask questions about why the marriage ended. If there were issues – like he didn’t want kids and his wife did – that’s important information. Also, make sure his divorce is final. And that he isn’t just playing the field ‘til his wife takes him back.

  • The guy who’s been cheated on. Our experts say he’ll probably have trust issues. And may have trouble opening up for fear of getting his heart broken again.

  • What if he’s the one who cheated? It doesn’t mean he'll cheat on you, but you should ask why he was unfaithful. And if he hasn't worked to change his behavior, it’ll probably happen again.

  • The serial monogamist. He’s obviously not afraid of commitment. But our experts say that jumping from one serious relationship to another may mean he hates being alone.

  • And the guy whose last relationship was on-again, off-again? Our experts say that someone who doesn’t know what he wants will have a hard time fully committing to a relationship. That means, he’ll probably be off-and-on with you, too. So, try to find out if he now knows what he is or isn’t looking for in a partner.

  • Should you date a man who broke off an engagement? If the relationship wasn’t working, he was probably smart not to get married. But ask him why he proposed in the first place. You may find out he’s impulsive, or maybe he had pressure from family. All good clues about his character.