What do you look for in the perfect partner? Good looks? A good job? Maybe a good sense of humor? Believe it or not, a growing number of people now say their romantic interest in someone often boils down to finding someone with a good credit score!

In fact, surveys show that some people rate a high credit score as more important in a relationship than having physical chemistry with someone. And they describe having a low score as being a “dating deal-breaker.”

As crazy as it sounds, many financial experts and marriage counselors say it makes sense. After all, credit scores are what banks use to decide whether or not to give us a loan and what landlords use to decide whether or not to give us a place to live. Also, many employers are using credit scores to help them decide whom to hire!

So, it’s only fitting that credit scores are now becoming a bigger factor in dating decisions, too. That’s because more couples are living together and sharing financial responsibilities today. Because, like it or not, even if you have a perfect credit history, dating someone with a low score could spoil your dreams of buying a house, or getting a good deal on a car loan. And over time, experts say that can cause tension that’ll have a serious impact on your relationship!

That’s why there are actually a growing number of dating websites popping up that cater specifically to helping singles find their perfect credit score match. They have names like DateMyCreditScore.com, and CreditScoreDating.com.

In today’s dating scene, it may seem unromantic to ask, “What’s your credit score?” But how you answer that question could make the difference between a first date being your last date, or being the first step to happily ever after.