Trendspotters say that a growing number of college kids are swapping the traditional outfit of sweats and t-shirts for designer clothes. And it’s now common to see students dress for class like they’re dressing for a fashion show, wearing everything from Marc Jacobs high heels to Prada blazers.

So, why are students suddenly dressing up? Because fashion trends are spreading at lightning speed these days. A lot of guests at fashion shows now videotape them on their smartphone, then upload them online, often before the show is even over. So, style-obsessed students can log online to see and instantly copy the hottest looks from a Paris runway.

Plus, experts say that today’s college students are Millennials and expressing their unique personality is crucial for them. So, they’re willing to spend money on their own, customized look.

So, what are the hottest looks on campuses right now? College fashionistas report that it’s chunky oversize sweaters, long scarves, and high-heeled loafers.  All which recently made a splash on fall runways.