Our dogs have refined musical tastes, according to Colorado State University psychologist Lori Kogan. She wanted to find out what effect music had on dogs. So, she DJ-ed for the animals at her local shelter, and took careful notes about each animal’s behavior, before and after the doggy-DJ sessions. Trainers were also on hand to make observations every five minutes.

The results? First, dogs don’t like heavy metal. Screaming guitar riffs and banging drum solos increased the amount of anxious behavior in all the dogs. But classical music – from composers like Mozart and Chopin - calmed them. In fact, Kogan says the animals were more relaxed while listening to concertos and symphonies than they were in complete silence.

What’s this mean to you? If your dog is anxious or recovering from an illness, you can help them out by cuing up some Mozart! Or, if you’re programming your own W-D-O-G playlist at home, stay away from anything by Metallica, Iron Maiden… and probably The Stray Cats.