Time for a business card crash course. A lot of people think that business cards are outdated, but experts say that even though we’re plugged in 24/7, to get ahead in the working world you absolutely need a business card. After all, it’s much more professional to hand new clients or business associates your card, instead of having them hunker over their smartphone, typing in your email and cell number.

So, before you place your order for new business cards, here are the top things you need to know.

First: Make sure they’re “dressed for success.” Just like you wouldn't go to a meeting at a Fortune 500 company in flip flops, experts say you don’t want a “sloppily-dressed” business card. That means no wild colors or font.

Then, beware of clip art. Branding experts say that on most cards, it looks unprofessional. The one time clip art can boost your image is if you’re a service provider. Like a dogwalker who has a picture of a dog on their card.

Also, Get rid of the clutter! Experts say the 3 things you absolutely need to list on your card are your phone number, email address, and your profession, like a math tutor. Too much info can be overwhelming, and cause someone to tune you right out. So, think twice before adding things like your Twitter handle, Skype alias, and LinkedIn profile.

And, what’s the hottest new thing to put on a business card today: A QR code, or Quick Response Code. You’ve probably seen them in magazine. They’re square barcodes that smartphones can scan, and direct you to certain websites, like your Twitter page, or company website. How do you get your own QR? Check out the site barcode.com