You can lose weight without even TRYING! Here are three simple tricks that'll help you burn more calories throughout the day, courtesy of Woman's World magazine.* Eat breakfast. Fasting for hours at a time - which is what happens overnight when you're asleep - downshifts your metabolism by 25%. You can counteract this slow down by eating a meal within one hour of waking. If you do, you'll melt 5% more calories a day - which is about 700 calories a week - and that's enough to lose eight pounds in a year. Plus, study after study confirms that breakfast eaters are leaner and weigh less overall - because it helps prevent bingeing later in the day. So what's the best breakfast food? EGGS. The journal Obesity reports that people who eat lean protein in the morning are less hungry during the next four hours than those who eat carb-only morning meals.* Eat pico de gallo. It's a spicy salsa made with jalapeños, which contain the compound capsaicin. According to a British study, capsaicin stimulates your body to release more adrenaline, and that hormonal change triggers a 25% surge in metabolism. Also, Canadian researchers report that hot pepper eaters snack less afterward, resulting in a total daily calorie slash of 200 a day - that's enough to shed 20 pounds of excess fat a year. As a bonus, capsaicin is also proven to protect against cancer by killing off abnormal cells. So try to eat pico de gallo - or something with spicy peppers or pepper flakes - daily. * Sit up straight! Sitting up straight instead of reclining, slouching, or slumping is all it takes to burn nearly 20% more calories at your desk, in the car, or anywhere else you sit. That's according to a study from the University of Sydney. Why? Study leader Dr. Mark Halaki says you engage more muscles throughout your core when you sit upright - and the extra work tightens and tones your midsection.