We've all heard about how bad bullying has gotten on high-school and college campuses, but there's one place you wouldn't expect to find it: at the old folks home! According to the Arizona Republic, bullying is becoming a common problem in retirement communities and senior centers across the country. In Akron, Ohio a couple was bullied so badly at their retirement community that they were afraid to leave their home. The same is true for Doris Lor, who lives in Arizona. She says she's been harassed at the recreation center, at the club house, and she's even been chased out of the community pool. A retirement community in Massachusetts had so many problems with a serial bully that they had to involve the police! Bullies aren't normally what we think about when we think about the elderly. Most of us have an image of a kindly grandma, but experts in the field say there are many reasons why older people become bullies. As people age, they become frail, which makes them feel very vulnerable. Some people adjust, but other people become destructive or lash out because they feel insecure. Dementia might also play a role. As the mind weakens, people become unable to control their behavior, and in some cases, the person's always been a bully and that didn't change with age. If a person was a mean girl in high-school, they may still be a mean girl when they're seventy. Elderly bullying is no joke though. It can have a big impact on a senior's life and health. If an older person is afraid to leave their home, they may not get the medical care they need, which could be life threatening. It's also common for the elderly to feel isolated and depressed and bullying can make that problem worse. So what's the fix? Robin Bonifas studies bullying at Arizona State University. She says it's important to spread the word about senior bullies so people who are experiencing it can come out of the shadows. She says every senior center and housing development needs to have clear rules and expectations of their seniors and they need to strictly enforce those rules. If you or someone you know is experiencing bullying, contact your local area on aging. They have people who can help. Go to AOA.gov.