Even if you can’t afford to hire your own secret service agent, you may soon be able to DRIVE like you do! That’s the thinking behind a new product called Armura. It’s a kit, developed by DuPont, that promises to turn just about any car into an armored tank - capable of stopping bullets up to .38 caliber. It does that by replacing your car’s windows with bulletproof glass, and putting Kevlar panels behind the door panels.

The Armura car kit recently went on sale in Brazil, where it became an instant hit. Experts say it’s because traffic jams are common in Brazil, and your risk of being robbed on the road is very high. That’s why Brazilians spend about $8 billion a year on private security products, and because DuPont owns the rights to Kevlar – which is the industry standard for bulletproofing – Armura is more affordable than other forms of car armor. The entire kit costs about $12,000.

For now, Armura is only sold in Brazil, but there are plans to use it to bulletproof taxis and shuttles at upcoming sporting events - like the World Cup soccer championship, and the Olympics. And in the future, you may see Armura offered as an add-on “option” for new cars