What are a lot of brides wearing on their wedding day? It’s anything BUT a white dress! 

For example, actress Jessica Biel recently wore a bubble-gum-pink dress to marry Justin Timberlake. And other Hollywood brides, including Reese Witherspoon and Gwen Steffani, have worn pink wedding gowns. And Amber Tamblyn got married last month in a canary yellow dress!

The trend is so big that high end designers like Christian Dior, Chanel and Vera Wang are rolling out wedding gowns in wild colors like blue, pink, and gold. 

So, why are so many brides saying “I don’t” to white dresses? They want their wedding to be less about tradition, and more a reflection of their personality, like one bride we read about. She said a traditional white dress wasn’t her style, so she wore her favorite red cocktail dress on her big day instead. 

But before you turn into a blushing red, pink, or blue bride, keep in mind that Sarah Jessica Parker regrets her decision to wear a black wedding dress. 

She points out that you can wear any old color dress any time, but your wedding day is once in a lifetime - and the one day you can wear a traditional white dress. 

So what do you think, traditional white wedding dress all the way? Or would color better represent your personality?