That’s according to Emory University neuroscientist, Dr. Larry Young. He says, despite all the movies that show women sobbing into their Ben and Jerry’s, while their ex-boyfriend has already moved on to another girl – that’s usually not the case.

And a big reason is a brain chemical called vasopressin – which affects men and women differently. In men, it makes them feel competitive with other guys. In women, it makes them see other females as a source of comfort. So, a woman will find comfort with her friends after a breakup, while a guy will be dealing with it on his own.

Another reason a guy has a harder time with a breakup? Because he feels “emotionally homeless.” When a man is in a relationship, he finally has a person he can express his feelings to. So, without that, he may feel he has no one to turn to. His girlfriend may have been his only, truly close relationship. Whereas most women express their feelings to their friends and family, freely – and tend to have more close relationships. So they get over a split more quickly.