Face it, breaking up is tough but experts say it’s easy to make things worse if you commit one of these deadly after-breakup sins:

Sin #1: Calling your ex every time you think of them. It may be normal to think of your ex every 7 minutes say, when you hear their favorite song, see their lookalike, or suddenly wonder what they’re doing. But if you dial their number every 7 minutes, that’s scary territory. Like one women in the Netherlands who was arrested for stalking because she called her ex every 7 minutes for a year – that’s 65,000 times!

Another deadly after-breakup sin: Sharing every up and down of your emotional rollercoaster on Facebook. You’re not fooling anybody if you keep writing: “Some people are jerks.” Everybody knows you mean your ex. It also makes you look like you haven’t moved on – and don’t intend to. Remember: Facebook is not your diary.

Also, don’t do anything drastic right after a breakup.  That means, don’t chop off your hair, get a tattoo, or sell your house and move to Tibet. Wait until you’re slightly less stressed before you make any life-altering decisions.

One final deadly after-breakup sin: Trying to be “just friends” right away. How can you tell when you’re ready to be friends? Ask yourself this question: Would you okay hearing them talk about the new person they’re dating? If the answer’s “no,” you’re definitely not ready to be your ex’s friend.