Breakups are even harder in the digital age. Thanks a lot, Facebook. 

Dr. Corina Sas is a “social interaction researcher,” and she says that Facebook makes breakups worse, because we can’t get away from each other, so we end up stalking each other. That’s because all it takes is one “click” to find out everything our ex has been up to, and that information, plus all the pictures and comments posted by mutual friends, makes getting over a breakup a lot more difficult. 

Dr. Sas and her team of researchers at UC Santa Cruz did a study on post-breakup actions, and they found that most people were either “Keepers” or “Deleters.” The Keepers held onto old emails, photos and Facebook messages, and tended to wait until they calmed down and gained some perspective before they decided which relationship memories to dump and which ones to keep. 

But the “Deleters” erased all of their ex’s messages and photos immediately in order to wipe the slate clean, they un-friended their ex, and some people even deactivated their account for a cooling off period, at least for a while.

If you want to block your ex from seeing what you post, go to the top of your Facebook page, click on the “lock” icon, and scroll down to “How do I stop someone from bothering me?” 

There’s also a new app coming out called Kill Switch that’ll quietly remove every reference to a specific person on your Facebook page. If you’d like to download the app once it’s launched, sign up for an email alert at