You know not ALL bread is bad for you, but there are a few 'loaves of death' out there that can leave your waistline in shambles. So, here's how to tell a healthy carb from a calorie bomb, courtesy of Condé Nast Publications.

  • Ciabatta bread. One small roll has 250 calories and three grams of fat. This isn't a bad choice for a once in a while treat, but be careful! According to registered dietician Amy Mendez, the rolls can vary dramatically depending on the density and size. If you're going to eat one, make sure it's modest.
  • Focaccia bread. A typical sandwich shop serving has 375 calories and 12 grams of fat. Why? Because it's made with a lot of oil, and sandwiches made with focaccia bread often come pressed Panini style, so you rarely see how huge that portion really is. Plus, when the focaccia gets pressed Panini-style, they slather it with oil again, to make it crispy.
  • The bread bowl. Nothing sabotages a healthy soup faster - it's like eating an entire loaf of bread! The average bread bowl has 640 calories! So, get your soup in a regular, porcelain bowl and nibble a 100% whole-wheat roll. You'll save about 500 calories and get some filling fiber, too.
  • Multigrain bread. Two slices have 220 calories and one gram of fat. This is the best choice as long as "whole grain" is at the top of the ingredients list. If you're dining out, beware of the super-thick slices, which can pack up to 270 calories each. A healthy slice is roughly the width of your thumbnail.Here are some bread basket do's and don'ts:
  • DO put your bread of choice on a paper napkin. If it leaves a grease stain, it has too much oil or butter.
  • DON**'T** go for anything flaky or glistening, like biscuits or brioche.
  • DO choose darker bread. It's more likely to have whole grains.
  • DON**'T** go crazy with corn bread! Just one slice packs 180 calories.
  • DO eat crispy, skinny breadsticks. Each one has only 28 calories.