Let’s say you were at your best friend’s wedding. You ate too much, drank too much, and then zonked out with your contacts still in. Here’s how to bounce back after living it up, courtesy of Health magazine.

  • You had the richest meal of your life: Crab cakes, linguini, chocolate soufflé – and now you’re feeling fat and guilty. Well, according to Elisa Zied, spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, one night of indulgence won’t wreck a healthy diet - so don’t beat yourself up. Instead, return to your normal eating habits the next day. Start with a breakfast that includes some low-fat dairy – like cottage cheese, high-fiber whole grains – like oatmeal, and a banana – the potassium in it will help rid your body of some of the excess sodium. Then, hit the gym. Exercise will help gas escape and cut down on the bloat. Follow your normal diet for the rest of the day.  
  • You enjoyed too many cocktails. Your next day antidote? Drink a lot of water and a glass of fruit juice – this’ll replenish the sugar that’s lost when your body metabolizes alcohol. Have some extra carbs, like a little more oatmeal or a piece of whole wheat toast. Complex carbs will help your body process the alcohol by pumping out extra sugar, and absorbing the alcohol’s toxins. Also, if your head hurts, it’s because your blood vessels are swollen.Dr. Christine Lay, a headache specialist at the college of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, recommends taking ibuprofen. It not only relieves the pain, but has anti-inflammatory power.
  • You crashed in your contacts. Christine Sindt is an associate professor of clinical ophthalmology at the University of Iowa. She says this is OK once in a while, as long as you baby your eyes the next morning. So, before you remove your contacts, add a few drops of lubricant. The lens may stick to the cornea when you sleep, and if you try to take it out dry, you risk pulling off some of the outer layer of your eye. Then, disinfect your lenses for six hours – or throw them out if they’re disposable. Wear your glasses for the day to give your eyes a rest.