Your small purchases could be ruining your finances! 

A recent survey found that 2 out of 3 of us fail to meet our savings goals because we bust our budgets buying little-ticket items. For example, the average person spends a-thousand dollars a year on coffee, and $2-thousand bucks for lunch. Add in dinners out and drinks after work, and that’s another $3-grand. And a few premium cable channels can add another thousand dollars a year. That’s more than $7-grand a year just for beverages, meals out, and watching TV.  

Of course, it’s unrealistic to try to cut out everything we enjoy. But there are ways to boost our savings without giving up all of our treats. Trent Hamm is the author of 365 Ways to Live Cheap. And he says the easy fix is to cut out half of your unnecessary purchases. Like, deciding to make coffee at home and brown-bag it 3 days a week. Or giving up dinners out – and opting for happy hour appetizers instead. Those small changes will leave hundreds of extra dollars in the bank. And you’ll find it much easier to save for the big things - like your emergency fund, or the dream vacation you always wanted.