What does it take to be a credit “high achiever”? That’s the term for the estimated 1-in-10 people who have a credit score of at least 785, out of a possible 850. That means you’ll get the best credit terms and interest rates.

Now, most of us have a score around 700 – and it takes a special kind of person to score in the “high achiever” range. One of those people is: Tom Pavelka. He’s a man we read about with a score of 848 out of 850 – 2 points shy of perfect. Experts say, that’s the highest score most of them have ever seen. It’s higher than 99.7% of people! So what do “high achievers” like Tom have in common?

  • They have an average of four open credit accounts – for things like credit cards and car loans.

  • Also, as you might expect, 96% of high achievers show no missed payments on their credit report.

Now, you might think that people who carry no debt, should have a “perfect” score of 850. But that’s not true, because experts say you need to have a track record of paying off credit on time to have a good score! That’s why the highest scores go to people who borrow money – and repay it on time – rather than to people who never borrow money.

So what’s Tom Pavelka’s secret to a near-perfect score? Here are the 3 tips he lives by:

  • Never charge something without having something to show for it.
  • Never spend money without knowing when you can repay it.
  • Pay your bills on time.