Holiday office parties are a great way to relax, have fun, and get to know your coworkers, but beware: letting it all hang out could cost you a promotion, or even get you fired. This one worker we read about, who got tipsy at a company Christmas party, admitted she had a crush on her married manager. In fact, even the wrong body language can make a bad impression. Say, if you look uptight and unreceptive. So, here's how to use your body language at any company event to boost your career:

  • Pretend you're hosting the party. Going out of your way to make everyone feel welcome and at ease will create an instant positive vibe.
  • Look confident, and approachable. That means, stand up tall, shoulders back, and head high, with legs shoulder-width apart, and your arms loosely at your side. Don't cross your arms and legs, which makes you look intimidating or use your drink or a plate of food to create a barrier.
  • Make good eye contact. It transmits energy and shows you're open and interested. The best way: make it a practice to notice the eye color of everyone you speak with.
  • Smile. The human brain prefers happy faces, recognizing them faster than those with negative expressions. In fact, research shows that if you smile at someone, it activates the "reward center" in their brain and they'll be compelled to smile back, which also boosts their mood.