Studies show that a few random behavior changes can improve everything from your brainpower to your skin:

  • Need an energy boost? Time for a “caffeine nap.” In other words, drink a coffee right before a 20-minute nap. The thinking is that it takes that long for caffeine to get into your bloodstream. So by the time you wake up, the caffeine will be in full effect and you’ll be ready to hit the pavement.

  • Working on a tough report or need to solve a problem? Walk backwards for 5 minutes! A study found that volunteers performed difficult mental tasks much faster after walking backward than they did after walking forward. Researchers explain that walking backward is pretty foreign to our brain, so when we do it – it revs up the part of the brain in charge of focus.

  • Add a healthy drink to add to your diet! Tea that’s been brewed for 5 minutes. Dr. Jeffrey Blumberg is a nutrition professor at Tufts University. He says that the longer the tea steeps, the more flavonoids it produces. And flavonoids do everything from fight inflammation to dementia.