If you're trying to lose weight, but your scale is stuck - listen up. You could be sabotaging your own hard work! First, know this: people who are cutting calories feel more tired than usual. So, they often cut back on everyday calorie-burning activities, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Dieters also underestimate how much they eat. In one study, even dietitians were off in their estimates by about 200 calories a day. That's enough for a 2 pound weight gain a month! So, here are a few surprising lifestyle tweaks that can help boost your weight loss. We found these tips in Prevention magazine:

  • First, get plenty of shut-eye. Studies show that people who snooze for 5 hours or less a night are one-third more likely to gain weight than people who get a full 7 hours of sleep.
  • Next, fidget more. Just tapping your fingers, swinging your foot, and standing while you talk on the phone could burn an extra 350 calories a day.
  • Reset your thermostat. Experts say you burn more calories if your body's working harder to maintain its core temperature. In fact obesity researchers believe that the increased use of heating and air conditioning is one of the reasons people today are heavier. So, turn the thermostat down 5 degrees.
  • Banish trans fats. In a 5-year study, monkeys that ate a diet high in trans fats got 7% bigger. Even though they were consuming the same amount of calories and should have maintained their weight! And no, you're not a monkey - but your metabolism is similar. And if avoiding trans fats is an easy, automatic road to weight loss, who wouldn't try it! So, avoid processed sweets and snacks like cookies, cakes, fries, and things you'd find in the salty-crunchy snack aisle at 7/Eleven.