Who wants a fancy wedding these days? Boomer brides! It used to be considered in poor taste if a bride over age 55 splashed out on a lavish wedding with half-a-dozen bridesmaids, a long lacy white gown, and a DJ rocking the night away. But these days, Boomer couples on second or even third marriages, say “Who cares? YOLO!” You only live once, and often older couples are the ones who can afford to have a fancy wedding more so than young couples just starting out. 

Darcy Miller is the editorial director for Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. She says, traditions and rules are out the window, whether it’s serving custom ice cream sundaes instead of a wedding cake or couples going all-out to celebrate second marriages, which only a few years ago was considered tacky. Miller says, “Older couples are feeling less self-conscious about shelling out serious cash to party like their younger peers.” 
The number of older couples getting married has doubled in the last decade and empty nesters don’t have the same financial worries as young couples. They aren’t saving for their first home, and they don’t have the burden of student loan debt. As a result, older couples spend 10-15-percent MORE than the cost of the average wedding. 
And when it comes to the wedding ring – good news for older brides! Men over age 50 spend twice as much on rings as men under age 50! David’s Bridal, the largest bridal chain in the US, says business from older couples has doubled in just the past two years! And in the past, older brides would wear “special occasion” dresses, and now they’re going all-out and want traditional, floor-length, princess-style wedding dresses. All rise for the Boomer bride!