What’s the latest way to relieve stress? Bashing things with a crowbar in an “Anger Room!” 

Donna Alexander recently opened an “Anger Room” in Dallas, Texas. It’s a destruction-proof room where for $25 and up, you can use anything from crowbars to golf clubs, to pound out your frustration on old sinks, broken VCRs and desks. Sometimes the items being destroyed have been donated, or she picks the up from the town dump, or buys them at garage sales.

Even though it sounds like a place for madmen, it attracts everyone from soccer moms, to executives. Customers love the satisfaction of venting their anger in a safe space, instead of holding it in or lashing out at others. 

And even though Anger Rooms are packed with weapons, they’re probably more safe than most public places! Not only do you have to wear a hard hat and goggles before you’re let loose in the Anger Room, but the room is only reserved for one person at a time. So there’s zero risk of bumping into another baseball bat-wielding, frustration-venting person.