Every time you turn around, another study finds more reasons Omega-3s are great for your health. Researchers know that they help calm your nerves, reduce inflammation, and decrease allergies. Omega-3s also fight against heart disease, and help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. But I was never a convert – until now.

I saw my eye doctor for an eye infection. He gave me antibiotic drops, and said that to help prevent future infections, I should wash my eyelids with baby shampoo. Yup, that no-tears stuff really won’t irritate your eyes - it cleans great - and it’s not as harsh or as oily as eye makeup removers.

The rest of the treatment boiled down to two choices: I could go on antibiotics pills for the foreseeable future – which he didn’t recommend, what with antibiotic-resistant germs, and all. But they wouldn’t fully protect me for about three months. Or I could try Omega-3s. Easy choice.

I had tried Omega-3s once before – but they smelled kind of fishy, and upset my stomach, so I gave them up. The new ones he recommended smell faintly of oranges, and they digest just fine.

After a week, the infection’s virtually gone. And there are added bonuses: I no longer wake up with eyes so dry that I have to use eye-drops before I dare open them. And my super-dry, flaky skin always seems to feel like it’s been freshly-moisturized – even when I forget to use body lotion.