My life is consumed by my weight. And I know I’m not alone. In one survey of 4,000 people - 60% of adults were considered “disordered eaters.” They may not purge like bulimics, or starve like anorexics, but disordered eating is still all about extremes: Too few or too many calories. Hating your body when it’s big, and loving it when it’s skinny. I would say that’s me.

I grew up never even thinking about my weight – I was a skinny, very active kid. And I never had a weight problem in my teens, 20s or even early 30s. I could eat pretty much whatever I wanted.  But when I hit my mid-30s, my metabolism started to slow down and I became more sedentary. Working full time in an office, the weight started piling on.

Then, I got married to a meat and potatoes man – who loved a good meal. We were nesting and didn’t go out much – nights in front of the TV with the dog, cuddling. More pounds came on.

When I went through my divorce – wow – best diet ever! The stress of it just killed my appetite & the pounds melted away! Then I got happy again… and they came right back on. At my heaviest, my BMI was 25.5. That put me in the “overweight” range. (Go here to check your BMI)

A little over a year ago, we had Medifast as a sponsor on the radio show. Now, if you’ve ever seen John Tesh, you know he doesn’t need to lose weight. He’s in better shape than 98% of the humans on the planet. So his chubby, loveable producer / sidekick got the job of being the Medifast spokesperson (that’s me). And thank God I did! I lost 30 pounds in about 4 months.

No, it wasn’t a liquid diet – it was about 500 calories of prepackaged, nutritionally balanced food every day – and then one sensible meal of produce and protein. Then.... the Medifast contract ended - and the hard part began – keeping the weight off. Basically, once you lose weight, your body thinks something is wrong and wants that weight back. Your body thinks it’s NORMAL to be overweight. It thinks, at your new weight, you’re starving! So it pumps out hunger hormones and slows down your metabolism to hang onto every stinkin’ calorie!

So here’s what I did… I started eating real foods as often as possible. Things your grandma would recognize as food – salads, chicken, broccoli, fruit, cheese, brown rice. I also started exercising as often as I could. Notice in both instances I say “as often as I could.” There will be times when you don’t feel like running – there will be times when you eat a bag of Doritos. They key is to let it go and move on – get right back on your healthy plan.

A year later, I’m at the weight I was throughout my 20s. I’m not skinny – but I’m not chubby anymore.

It takes about a year and a half at your goal weight for your body to say, “Okay, I accept this weight.” Your hunger hormones will level off, your metabolism will stabilize, and it’ll become easier to stay at that weight. That’s where I am now.

I still love food – and I will always have to watch my weight. But I’ve been able to adopt a lifestyle that enables me to control it. We have a lot of great weight loss and healthy eating advice on this website. If you need some encouragement – or want to be healthy lifestyle buddies – I’m your girl. You can always contact me here.