What’s one of the worst days of the year to shop? Surprisingly, it’s Black Friday! It’s usually considered the best day to score a deal. But a new Wall Street Journal study found that it could be the day you’re most likely to get price gouged. Researchers tracked prices for hundreds of items, ranging from toys to electronics, for 2 years. And here are their suggestions for when to get the best deals:

  • Unless you’re planning a holiday proposal, hold off on jewelry until January. Research shows that jewelry prices are jacked up from September through December – drop in January – and go right back up for Valentine’s Day.

  • Are Ugg boots on your wishlist? Buy them now – in October. The average price for a pair of Uggs right now is $85. If you wait until Black Friday, researchers predict the price will jump nearly 60%.

  • When’s the best time to buy a flat-screen TV? Now - October! Researchers say that last year, the average price of a TV jumped 17% between Halloween and Black Friday.

So, what IS a good buy on Black Friday?

  • iPads. Researchers say that Apple historically offers double digit discounts on Black Friday.
  • Toys. Retailers often cut prices by 50%.
  • Videogames. Good news for the videogame lover in your life! Prices are predicted to drop 75% on Black Friday.