Forget the blue-haired crowd. Bingo is making a comeback with hipsters.

It’s the latest old-school pastime to enjoy a revival. Just like knitting, bowling and bird watching.

But instead of being held in a rec center or church basement – Bingo is being played in nightclubs, bars and hip, new teahouses. In fact, Billy Corgan, the lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins, created a monthly bingo night at the tea shop he owns, hosted by a different celebrity every time. 

Even the tools used to play the game are getting a hip, new makeover. There are now hand-held, electronic bingo devices - florescent bingo paper - and glow-in-the-dark daubers. Those are the markers you use on your bingo paper to stamp the numbers that have been called out. Because if you’re playing bingo in a dark nightclub – you need a glow-in-the-dark dauber, right?

So why are young people playing an old-person’s game? 

For the same reason they’re collecting vinyl records, and writing on stationery with actual pens. Some people crave a simpler way of life.