Are you a slacker? You may think the answer is no, but be warned: employers are cutting workers less and less leeway. So here are the biggest pet peeves of employers according to Career Builder .com.

  • The first pet peeve is chronic tardiness. If you’re always the last one in, your boss and coworkers may question your professionalism and be upset by your lack of respect for the team. After all, they’re probably not around to notice that you stay late to make up for it. Luckily, this bad habit is easy to take care of. Figure out when you have to be out the door to make it to work on time. Then leave 10 minutes before that time to account for traffic or other unexpected delays.
  • Another thing bosses hate is cyberslacking. You may consider the 15 minutes you spend here and there surfing the Internet or e-mailing friends to be harmless, but it adds up over the course of the day. In fact, research shows that employees spend about an hour a day on personal Internet use. That’s costing your company a lot of money in lost productivity. about $178 billion annually for American corporations! Break yourself of this bad habit by surfing at home. You’ll be more focused at work and you’ll get more accomplished. And don’t forget that your office computer is the employer’s equipment. So what you do on the computer is the company’s business.
  • And one more pet peeve of employers is post-lunch lethargy. Your productivity drops immediately after lunch. In fact, executives say that noon to 2pm is the least productive time of the day for employees. To combat the fatigue, eat for energy. A lunch filled with protein – like chicken or tuna - will help you avoid the dreaded mid-day slump and keep you alert. And if you need an extra energy boost, take a brisk walk around the office to get your blood flowing.