Have you heard of the Cinnamon Challenge? It’s a prank that went viral last year - where people dare each other to eat a spoonful of dry cinnamon in under 60 seconds.

In fact, more than 50-thousand “Cinnamon Challenge” videos have been uploaded on YouTube in the last year. But the cinnamon challenge is causing a record number of teens to be treated for poisoning and other serious conditions. 

In fact, the number of cinnamon-related calls to poison centers has jumped 335-percent in the last year.

So, why is it so dangerous? It’s just cinnamon. Well, it’s because powdered cinnamon quickly dries out your mouth, making it virtually impossible to swallow. So you instinctively cough up the spice. 

But a nagging cough is the least of your problems. Teens who’ve gulped down cinnamon have suffered everything from burning and inflammation in the nose, mouth and throat - to breathing trouble - to collapsed lungs, for which they’ve had to be put on ventilators. 

And it gets scarier. It could cause lung scarring. That’s because cinnamon contains a substance called cellulose that doesn’t break down. 

It sticks in the lungs and compromises their ability to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide.

That leads to something called pulmonary fibrosis – becausae cinnamon oil is caustic and scars the lungs. That’s the equivalent of emphysema. 

So, parents – medical experts want you to warn your kids about the dangers of the cinnamon challenge. It’s no joke.