Those are people who are sleepwalking, sleep eating, and even sleep dying while under the influence of the prescription sleep aid, Ambien. According to Fox News, millions of North Americans take Ambien to help them sleep without any negative side effects, but more and more users claim they're sleepwalking - or blacking out while driving - sometimes with fatal results. For example, a successful young businessman who was taking Ambien sleepwalked right off the roof of his apartment building, and fell to his death. Three nights after she filled her prescription, a mother of six found herself charged with a DUI and hit-and-run, because she hit a fire hydrant while sleep-driving. An airline passenger recently went ballistic after taking "sleepman tablets" - another name for Ambien - that were prescribed for him in Hong Kong. He started screaming, and trying to break out the plane window. They had to use handcuffs and duct tape to restrain him, and he was convicted of a felony for interfering with a flight attendant. So, why does Ambien cause people to become zombies? The medication is designed to keep you from waking up completely, so it's easier for you to fall asleep and stay asleep. However, if something disturbs your sleep, you can slide into half-awake, half-asleep mode, where you're more likely to have a conversation, raid the refrigerator, or hop in the car, without remembering a thing. The French company that makes Ambien admits people are more likely to have sleep-related incidents if they drink alcohol with Ambien, or take the pills long before they plan to climb into bed. If you think you've been sleep-walking, sleep-eating, or sleep-driving - step away from the Ambien, and talk to your doctor, ASAP. Consider neurofeedback therapy. It's a type of biofeedback that trains the brain to work more efficiently, and it helps most insomniacs get better-quality sleep than when they were taking sleeping pills. To find a neurofeedback therapist in your area, check out the website